Race Update 2 - Groups, early starts and cut-off

K2 MitoQ - Edited.png
Apr 02, 2021

When riding the K2 or K1 it is important that you try and put yourself in the group that matches your ability. This will optimize your performance on the day.

If you put yourself in a group that is too fast you risk bonking or blowing up and if the group is too slow you may not fulfill your potential. This year we have 3 early start groups in the K2. Group 14 – will start at 6.00am Group 13 – will start at 6.15am Group 12 – will start at 6.30am

These start groups will require lights

The K2 Elite race starts at 7.00am, Group 1 starts at 7.15am and then subsequent groups start at 4 minute intervals.

This year there is a cut off in place for the K2.

The cut off is just before Thames. Riders arriving at the Tararu Cultural Centre after 3.30pm will be transported back to the finish line in Tairua. Riders who think they will take longer than 10 hours should join one of the three early start groups. Marshals and Traffic Management personnel on the course will finish at 4pm.

If you think you risk missing the cut off put yourself in one of the early start groups You can check what your current grouping is on the MitoQ K2 website. If you would like to change it, please email andy@arcevents.co.nz asap.

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