Weather Warning

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Apr 09, 2021

We’ve had lengthy discussions with the NZ Met Service about the weather front coming in tomorrow. In summary, the Coromandel is expecting showers and winds of 25-30kph in the morning with gusts of 55-60kph, building up to potentially heavy rain and winds averaging 40-50kph, with gusts of perhaps 70kph in the afternoon.

From the information available, it’s our judgement that most riders will hope to complete a substantial part of their ride before the worst conditions set in. The safety of our riders is paramount, and it’s a tough decision, but we are pleased to confirm that the races will go ahead. There will be some changes of timings and arrangements so please read the following carefully.

  1. Please bring front and rear lights for use if needed (but NO flashing rear lights)
  2. Bring the best quality rain jacket you can lay your hands on
  3. Please reduce your tyre pressures; for the rain 23mm- 85psi; 25mm – 75psi, 28mm – 65psi is officially recommended
  4. Your bike should be in perfect working order but please check brakes especially; if you think you might need new brake pads, you do.
  5. Do NOT ask friends or family to drive round the course following you; this makes it even more dangerous for riders. Support cars are not permitted and you will be disqualified. You may plan contingencies and have your car in Thames, for example.
  6. Leave the deep section wheels at home

The K1 will start HALF AN HOUR EARLIER at 10.30 at Coromandel town. There will be no prize-giving ceremonies as the race organisers will be focusing on safety issues. Prizes will be sent out.

After a lengthy period of dry weather, rain will make the roads very slippery, with additional risks of slips or tree falls. There will be no records broken tomorrow, so please do RIDE WITHIN YOUR LIMITS, particularly on descents.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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