For safety reasons the Mito Q K2 and Tineli K1 races have staggered starts. This is to help reduce the build up of large bunches.

  • The Mito Q K2 will start with 14 groups of 60 ( Groups 1 and 2 - maximum of 50 riders)
  • The Tineli K1 will start with 10 groups of 60
  • The NBC (Nicholas Browne Challenge) will start with 2 groups of 60

For Group 1 and 2 of the Mito Q K2  you will need to have achieved a certain time at previous Mito Q K2 or Taupo to qualify (see below). This is to ensure a matching of ability.

To help you choose the right group we have provided a comparison of the Mito Q K2 times versus Taupo below.

The starting groups will be as follows:

Mito Q K2 GROUPS FOR 2022

Group Number Time 2017 Finishers Taupo Equivalent
Group 1 50 Under 5:40  4% Under 4:10
Group 2 50 5:40-5:49  3%
Group 3 50 5:55-5:59 5%
Group 4 60 6:00- 6:09 6%
Group 5/6 120 6:10-6:19 8% 4:30 Plus
Group 7/8 120 6:20-6:29 10%
Group 9
60 6:30-6:39 11%
Group 10
60 6:40-6:49 6% 5 Hours Plus
Group 11 60 6:50-6:59 9%
Group 12 (6:30am start)

60 7:00-8:00 24% 5 :30 Plus
Group 13 (6:15am start) 60 8-9 Hours 11% 6 hours Plus
Group 14 (6.00am start)
30 > 9 hours 5%


  • Group 1   under 3 hours 
  • Group 2   3:00 and 3:09
  • Group 3   3:10 and 3:19
  • Group 4   3:20 and 3:29
  • Group 5   3:30 and 3:39
  • Group 6   3:40 and 3:49
  • Group 7   3:50 and 3:59
  • Group 8   4:00 and 4:15
  • Group 9   4:16 and 4:30
  • Group 10  Over 4:30


  • Group 1 - (riders expecting to finish in under 2 hours)
  • Group 2 - (riders expecting to finish in over 2 hours)
  • Electric Bike Category - starts first


All riders in the same group will be given the same starting time and results will be based on gun time from that starting time.  So for example Group 1 in the Mito Q K2 - riders will be given a start time of am with results based on gun time from 7:15am (not elapsed time). Group 2 results will be based on gun time from 7:19 etc


This years Mito Q K2 will have the following aid stations around the course. 

  • Aid Station 1  -  Top of the Whangapoua Hill
  • Aid Station 2-   Kereta Hill  - On 2nd incline
  • Aid Station 3 - Kopu-Hikuai -3/4 of the way up
  • Aid Station 4 - 3/4 way up Pumpkin Hill

The bottles will be filled with R-Line electrolytes or water. Each aid station will have 4 people handing out bottles to riders. The first two in in the line will hand out electrolytes the others will hand out plain water. Riders will also be able to stop and help themselves to fluids and jelly beans and bananas.

There will also be an aid station near the halfway mark at the Tararu Cultural centre, just before Thames.  Riders can have food parcels delivered here to the half way point.  You need to drop them off at the start area and we will drive them round. They should be clearly marked. Both of these aid stations require you to stop. Please note bags will not be returned, so please ensure they are disposable.

There is also an aid station at after Pepe Bridge in Tairua.

Under no circumstances are support people allowed to hand out food to riders along the course. Support crew are not allowed to follow riders around the course. This is for safety reasons.


Please click here to view the Mito Q K2 Traffic Management Policy 


If you have any complaints regarding any aspect of the Mito Q K2 please email Andy Reid at andy@arcevents.co.nz


Please click here to view the Mito Q K2 Race Rules and Rules of Road Cycling Etiquette. 

The specific detailed race rules for each event will be posted closer to the event. 


Bus tickets must be pre-ordered  and paid for.

Click HERE to buy them 

Bus arrangements for the K1 and Nicholas Browne Challenge are as follows: 


Departs from Whitianga at 8.00am on Saturday morning and will go to Thames, via Tairua -  arrives in Thames at around 10.00am

Cost is $25 per person -  no bikes - Bikes will need to be left at Coromandel Registration (secure location provided) beforehand.


Departs from Whitianga at 7.30am  on Saturday morning and will arrive in Tairua at 8.30am

Cost is $20 per person - no bikes - Bikes will need to be left at the Thames Registration (secure location provided) beforehand.


We strongly recommend that if you intend staying on the Coromandel Peninsula, either on the Friday night or Saturday night, that you book your accommodation as soon as possible.

For accommodation options and information about the region, you can visit www.thecoromandel.com, or contact one of the following I-sites:

  • Coromandel -  07-866-8598
  • Thames - 07-868-7284
  • Tairua - 07-864-7575
  • Whitianga - 07-866-5555