Many cyclists come and train on the course in the few months prior to the event. There is nothing better than training on the Coromandel Hills to get your self prepared.

We do however have a couple of requests for those of you planning to train on the course:

  1. Limit group sizes to ten or less for safety reasons
  2. Be very careful on the hills and particularly on the descents of the following hills:
    1. Myundermans (just after Kuoatunu) - the bottom of this steep descent can be tricky
    2. Kuoatunu Hill - has a number of steep corners
    3. Whangapoua Hill - very fast and steep corners with a 15km corner at the bottom


Tim Gudsell and the team from Venturo have devised some great training programs for this years Mito Q K2 and Cervelo K1. Please click on the links to view.