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This week the Spirit of Coromandel Trust announced that their 2019 road classic in October will be the MitoQ K2 - a spon

Change of date

The 2020 MitoQ K2 was originally planned to be held on the 31st October 2020. 

Due to the Covid Crisis we have decided to postpone the event and it will now take place on the 13th March 2021.

We appreciate many of you will be disappointed that we have postponed the K2 to next March. We took this decision for a number of reasons which we’d like to share.

We hope to continue running this iconic event for many years to come, and that is at the heart of our thinking. As you may know, the K2 is run by a small group of volunteers and any profits generated are supporting charitable projects to encourage and facilitate cycling on the Coromandel and in particular opportunities for young people to take part in outdoor events and the creation of a bike park. We hope to raise a modest amount for these activities; we could break even but clearly we cannot run the K2 at a loss. It’s an expensive event to run; the cost of keeping everyone as safe as possible increases year by year. Our break-even figure would be around 900 riders; last year there were 950 on the start line.

Ongoing uncertainty around the Covid crisis had already halved the number of applications and led to a number of sponsors pulling out. It was looking extremely likely that the K2 would have run at a substantial loss had we gone ahead; we hope by rescheduling to next year we can preserve the event for the future. We will review next March and if the timing is a success it may be permanent.

If you would like to know more about our projects, or indeed become involved, let us know.

All the best

Andy, Keith and Rita

Spirit of Coromandel Trust